Air Dried White Onion

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Chopped air dried white onions.
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Kosher air dried white onion
freeze dried apples

Easy to store, use, and take along — healthy and 100% natural.

  • Chopped air dried white onions.
  • Excellent source of vitamin C.
  • No sulfites.
  • Certified Kosher by Blue Ribbon Kosher. See the North Bay Kosher List.

Common uses: Like many of our other air dried vegetables, these onions are often added to soups, stews, pizzas, chilies, and casseroles.

Packaging: Bagged selections are in resealable poly bags. Bulk box orders use sealed plastic bag inside sturdy cardboard box.

Customer Reviews
  1. 100%
    Perfect to keep on hand
    I tend to buy fresh onions and then forget about them until they go bad. Total waste of money. I love keeping these delicious minced onions on hand to reconstitute when I need them. A better value than what I can find at my local stores and better quality too!! Another win for North Bay Trading!

    (Posted on

  2. 100%
    If you want flavor and convenience, these are the onions for you! My family did a side by side taste test comparing these with Tones dried onions. The NBT onions blew us away with their superior sweet flavor. No bitter aftertaste! Saves time, not to mention no more tears. Kudos to the farmer(s) who grew these gems.

    (Posted on

  3. 100%
    My favoite fast food!
    I use these dehydrated onions when I'm in a hurry and prefer them in dips and sandwich salads such as tuna, ham and egg. They add the flavor of sweet onion without the astringent taste. (Easy to sneak by `onion haters`.)

    (Posted on

  4. 100%
    Excellent Product
    I am so happy with this dried onion, I use it all the time in meatloaf, Meatballs, Stew, making chicken curry and more. Thanks for a Great product.

    (Posted on

  5. 100%
    Great shortcut!
    Excellent product. These dried onions are all very uniformily cut. Great taste and convienience.

    (Posted on

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Air Dried White Onion

Easy to Prepare

  • Add dry onions while cooking, soups, stews, chilies, and other foods with sufficient liquid content.
  • For most other applications, hydrate using 1 part dry onions and 3 parts water.
  • Simmer for 10 minutes.
  • More water may be needed.

Yield — 1 oz equals about 1/3 cup dry. Generally, air dried vegetables double in volume when hydrated.

Rehydration Ratio — 1 lb of air dried onion, once rehydrated, equals approximately 4 lbs of fresh prepared chopped white onion.

Storage — Best if used within 18 months. Store tightly sealed in a dry location away from sunlight.

Nutrition Facts

Serv.Size 1 oz (30g)
About 1/3 cup

Servings Varies

Calories 105
Fat Cal. 1

*Percent Values (DV) are based on a 2,000 Calorie diet.

Amount/Serving %DV* Amount/Serving %DV*
Total Fat 0g 0% Total Carb. 25g 8%
Sat. Fat 0g 0% Fiber 3g 11%
Trans. Fat 0g Sugars 11g
Cholest. 0mg 0% Protein 3g
Sodium 6mg 0%

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