Air Dried Leeks

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Flakes of green and white air dried leeks.
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1.5 lb Bulk Bag Price per oz $0.929
5 lb Bulk Box Price per oz $0.700
14 lb Bulk Box Price per oz $0.611

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Kosher air dried leeks
freeze dried apples

Sweet and subtle but tangy flavor — healthy and 100% natural.

  • Flakes of green and white air dried leeks.
  • This air dried vegetable is an excellent source of vitamin C.
  • No sulfites.
  • Cook before consuming.
  • Certified Kosher by Blue Ribbon Kosher. See the North Bay Kosher List.

Common uses: Add to soups, stews, and casseroles.

Packaging: Bagged selections are in resealable poly bags. Bulk box orders use sealed plastic bag inside sturdy cardboard box.

Customer Reviews
  1. 100%
    ~ Am so glad to find these ~
    Have always loved onions but they don't love me back. These leeks are the solution, so mild and flavorful. Jam-packed with vitamin C and more other nutrients than onions. The aromas of my regular cooking annoy my neighbors in a good way (common hallway), always asking what's smelling so good today, and these air-dried leeks are a big reason for the common redolence here. Have navigated them to North Bay Trading Company. :-) Be warned: a 5-lb bag is HUGE, like a fluffy overstuffed pillow.

    (Posted on

  2. 80%
    Good Enough
    I've tried several products from this company, and I must say, I didn't love the leeks like others. Looking at the product, there is an awful lot of stalk- suggesting the leeks had bolted before drying. The quality is fine, but leeks that have bolted are a bit more bitter, and the core is woodier.

    Perhaps future batches will have better quality produce.

    (Posted on

  3. 100%
    I love love love these!! I was worried they would taste pf full flavor leeks but they do and are terrific!!

    (Posted on

  4. 100%
    Love these! Smells and tastes so good!
    I didn't know how much, 14 lbs turned out to be, 40 quarts, 27 pint and a half, and 12 pints. A lot!

    (Posted on

  5. 100%
    Fresh and full of flavor! Love these leeks!

    (Posted on

  6. 100%
    Lots of flavor
    Very flavorful. I put some air-dried leeks in the blender and powder them, then mix a small amount of powdered leeks into dried potatoes flakes and add bouillon powder to make a delicious leek and potato soup mix for backpacking – just add hot water (and maybe a drop of oil or butter). At home, make the same soup with fresh potatoes and add 1 TBS of sherry and 1/4 cup cream to finish the soup. With fresh bread, it makes a satisfying meal.

    (Posted on

  7. 100%
    Joyfully Enjoying This Product
    I love leeks, and it is wonderful to be able to have them on hand in addition to shallots, onions, and scallions, because they all are different enough to make it preferable to use a particular one in a particular dish. I think most of us don't bother with that simply because it's a hassle to have all of them on hand (or, it used to be a hassle!) Not only that, but keeping all those whole vegetables on hand takes up a lot of pantry and frig space, and you probably can't use them all up before they go bad. But then when you want them, you either have to make a special trip to the store, or substitute something else. No longer! These taste and feel and smell like real leeks (granted, no dried product is going to be utterly identical to fresh, but they are extremely close). Considering that you often can't even find fresh leeks and, when you do, they are often in bad condition, this dried option is incredibly useful. If you've never tried leeks, give these a shot - they are different from the other oniony options in being perhaps a little lighter and more "vegetably" tasting. They are particularly the thing for chicken, but go great with all sorts of dishes.

    (Posted on

  8. 100%
    Love These Leeks~
    I had no idea that leeks are so much more flavorful than plain ol' White Air Dried Onions; not that I'm putting down North Bay's onions, 'cuz I like them a lot, too. It's just that these leeks bring a whole other flavor profile to my soups and stews that was lacking with just the plain white onion variety. That must be why I've just ordered a 1.5 lb Bulk Bag of the leeks in order to have plenty on hand, to further explore the wonderful world of leeks even more.

    (Posted on

  9. 100%
    These dried leeks are excellent in soups and stews, especially potato soup. Air dried veggies are always handy and great for a single cook!

    (Posted on

  10. 100%
    Didn't have an onion for superbowl dip and threw in a tablespoon of these leeks (dry). Delicious! Go Packers!

    (Posted on

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Air Dried Green and White Leek Flakes

Easy to Prepare

  • Add dry while cooking soups, stews, and other foods with sufficient liquid content.
  • For most other applications, hydrate using 1 part dry leek flakes and 5 parts water.
  • Simmer 5-10 minutes.
  • More water may be needed.

Yield — 1 oz equals about 1-1/2 cups dry. Generally, air dried vegetables double in volume when hydrated.

Rehydration Ratio — 1 lb of air dried leeks, once rehydrated, equals approximately 6 lbs of fresh prepared chopped leeks.

Storage — Best if used within 18 months of purchase. Store tightly sealed in a dry location away from sunlight.

Nutrition Facts

Serv.Size 1 oz (30g)
About 1 1/4 cups

Servings Varies

Calories 134
Fat Cal. 8

*Percent Values (DV) are based on a 2,000 Calorie diet.

Amount/Serving %DV* Amount/Serving %DV*
Total Fat 1g 1% Total Carb. 24g 8%
Sat. Fat 0g 0% Fiber 4g 16%
Trans. Fat 0g Sugars 1g
Cholest. 0mg 0% Protein 4g
Sodium 9mg 0%

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