Freeze Dried Okra

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Freeze dried okra.
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Freeze Dried Okra Price Qty
.2 oz snack bag Price per oz $16.250
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1.1 oz (2.5 - 3 cups) foil bag Price per oz $6.800
was $8.31 Sale: $7.48
1.8 oz (5 - 6 cups) foil bag Price per oz $5.478
was $10.96 Sale: $9.86
1 lb foil bag Price per oz $3.643
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5 lb Bulk Box Price per oz $2.963
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10 lb Bulk Box Price per oz $2.703
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Kosher freeze dried okra
freeze dried apples

Easy to store, use, and take along — healthy — no sulfites.

  • Freeze dried okra.
  • Excellent source of vitamin A and C.
  • Certified Kosher by Blue Ribbon Kosher. See the North Bay Kosher List.

Common uses: Camping food, backpacking food, snacks, and quick-and-easy cooking at home. A dry snack as is right out of the bag. Like our other freeze dried vegetables, our okra is often used in salads and veggie trail mixes, as well as in soups and stews.

Packaging: Bagged selections are in high quality resealable foil pouches with moisture absorbent pack to help ensure freshness after initial opening. Bulk orders use sealed plastic bag inside sturdy cardboard box.

A popular gift item: Use our multiple-address and gift-messaging features to send freeze dried okra and other freeze vegetables to friends and family.

Customer Reviews
  1. 100%
    I just got my order and it's wonderful. Five pounds is a lot of okra but if I keep grabbing handfuls as I pass by, I'll have to order another 5 pounds soon.

    (Posted on

  2. 100%
    Out of STOCK??? OH NO!!!!!!
    This stuff is the BEST! It's addicting too. I love it out of the bag as a snack. I don't add anything! And I use it in gumbo. How can it be out of stock??? AARGH!!!!

    (Posted on

  3. 80%
    This is a very good product.
    Freeze dried okra is a bit fragile so expect there to be lots of seeds from the Okra in the bottom of the bag. The Okra smells like fresh okra and moistens up and looks like good old slimy okra, just like it is supposed to be.
    Only real complaint is the fact that even after hydrating and cooking there are piece with VERY hard fibrous strands. I have had this issues with FD Broccoli as well where the fibers from the stems remain hard and sharp if bitten into the wrong way.

    As an aside, a 5lb Bulk box is a crap load of Okra! After opening I end up with a 6 gallon bucket full, around 10-12 #10 cans full to the brim along with several 1.5 quart mylar bags full. Needless to say I have given away a bunch of it!

    Since there is no where else to get this from except North Bay I am still glad I purchased.

    (Posted on

  4. 100%
    Great okra
    Now I can make gumbo all year long!

    (Posted on

  5. 100%
    OMG so fresh tasting
    I just opened the bag and tasted one, and I couldn't stop. I am now looking up recipes to use okra in. But right out of the bag is GREAT

    (Posted on

  6. 100%
    Like eat okra flavored popped corn without the hulls.
    I love this stuff right out of the bag. My granddaughter loves everything we ordered from here right out of the bag including shallots and she is so picky but not when it comes to freeze dried fruits and vegetables. This okra is the best okra for gumbo. It isn't slimy and you can put it into the bowl of people who do like it without putting it in the whole pot.

    (Posted on

  7. 100%
    I want more!
    I ate this okra straight out of the package and I will be ordering more. It tastes so good.

    (Posted on

  8. 80%
    okra - plus
    I enjoy a lot of your freeze dried vegetables. Making soup is so easy and the vegetables are great for casseroles.

    (Posted on

  9. 100%
    Sweet and crunchy
    I just finished telling friends and family about the amazing freeze dried okra I received. I was amazed that I could eat it right out of the bag and how crunchy it is. I can snack on this in place of crunchy junk food any day. Thanks guys.

    (Posted on

  10. 100%
    Just this moment, I have a pot of gumbo simmering on the stove. Of course, it has this freeze dried okra in it. The okra is high quality and rehydrates during cooking with the same consistency as fresh. For a snack, we spray a light mist olive oil on the okra and toss them in a bit of ranch seasoning mixed with powdered cheese... it's a huge hit!

    (Posted on

  11. 100%
    These are so easy to eat, I ate the whole bag before even trying to see how they rehydrate. I'll be ordering more.

    (Posted on

  12. 100%
    Great, simply great!
    My husband hates okra -- has all his life. Until now! I used these to make an easy chicken and okra curry and my husband pronounced the dish fantastic! These held their shape and tasted wonderful -- all the okra flavor without any slime. Of course, that could be due to the tomato in the curry, but still. Wonderful, wonderful! I can now add okra to our list of veggies we'll regularly eat. And no cleaning or cutting, and no waste. Perfect!

    (Posted on

  13. 100%
    Great Bulk buy item
    I bought a sample pack (3 cup) size to try this out. My husband Mel loved it out of the bag, so much so that it was nearly all was gone within three days! He had eaten two cups before I even got to try it in a recipe! :) I managed to grab the last cup to make a slow cooker curry. Here's the recipe:

    1 lb cubed chicken breast or pork loin
    1 tsp to 1 tbsp each of Pensey's Sweet Curry, Maharaja Curry, and Granulated Garlic.
    1 jar Patak's chicken tikka sauce (or jarred curry type sauce of your choice)
    1/2 to 1 cup NorthBay Freeze Dried Okra
    1 small onion or 1/2 large onion, cut in wedges
    1 15 oz can garbanzo beans (or any other bean of choice)
    3 cloves of garlic, sliced

    Dry the cubed pork with a paper towel so it will brown nicely. Mix together the Pensey's Sweet Curry, Maharaja Curry, and Granulated Garlic together, and toss with the pork cubes until the cubes are evenly coated in spice. In a skillet, brown the cubes evenly, and put into slow cooker. Add the remaining ingredients and stir to mix ingredients thoroughly. You do not need to reconstitute the FD Okra because there is enough moisture in the Patak sauce to reconstitute it. Set the slow cooker to low and cook for 3-4 hours.

    This dish is excellent served over basmati rice, or put inside pita halves, tortillas, or taco shells and topped with avocado, tomatoes, salad greens, or pico de gallo.

    Note: I personally use 1 tbsp of each spice because my family likes very spicy food. Start with a small amount of spice: you can always add more later. You can also add other spices of your choice: ancho, smoked paprika, tobasco, etc to make it hotter.

    Patak's sauces are thick - if you like a thinner sauce, add some water or coconut milk. You may also add coconut milk as it cooks to tone down the spiciness; or eat it with sour cream or plain yogurt mixed in after it is cooked to tone down the spiciness.

    Other FD or fresh vegetables may be substituted to suit your taste. I have used the NorthBay Hot or Regular FD/AD vegetable mixes, FD red/green peppers, and FD spinach with great success in this dish.

    A sweet curry version can be made by using either canned pumpkin or fresh cubed sweet potatoes, cubed apple, nuts and raisins instead of the garbanzos, okra, and garlic.

    Another variation is to use canned pumpkin, gnocchi, onion and frozen or FD peas instead of the garbanzos and okra.

    (Posted on

  14. 100%
    Perfect for gumbo!
    I'm a chef who specializes in freeze-dried and shelf stable meals. I am so impressed with this okra! It cooks perfectly and has wonderful texture! Your delivery was very fast as well. I seriously had to stop myself from eating it right from the bag like popcorn! I just added a great review on my blog along with my Louisiana-style chicken gumbo meals in a jar recipe. Thank you!

    (Posted on

  15. 100%
    my husband will eat this!
    He is not a big fan of cooked okra but will eat this freeze dried straight from the bag! Thank you North Bay Trading for great products

    (Posted on

  16. 100%
    I had planned to add freeze dried okra to my veggie soup but they were so good right out of the bag, I couldn't stop eating them. Makes a wonderful snack!

    (Posted on

  17. 100%
    Who Knew?
    Who knew that these 'FD Okra Cuts' could be so great to have on hand, ready at a moment's notice? Well, apparently I knew, 'cuz when I requested that NorthBay add this FD Veggie to their extensive lineup, they were happy to comply with my request. Each 1/2 inch cut is uniform in size, and when re-hydrated, is every bit as delightful as fresh okra; both in aroma and taste. It's really a wonderful convenience to have this choice vegetable on hand, with over a 2.5 years' Expiration Date, as opposed to trying to use up frozen okra before freezer burn sets in. This veggie will remain a staple in my pantry from here on out. I feel that this vegetable addition enhances and finishes each pot of the "32-Bean & '9'-Vegetable Soup" that I make!

    (Posted on

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Freeze Dried Okra

Easy to Prepare

  • Use alone as a dry snack or add to veggie trail mixes.
  • Use dry for a crunchy effect in salads and, while serving, cooked rice and cooked pasta.
  • Add dry during the last 5-10 minutes of cooking soups and stews that have sufficient amounts of broth.
  • For most other applications, hydrate by soaking for 5 to 10 minutes in a generous amount of cold or hot water (hot water works slightly better). Then drain.

Yield — 1 oz equals about 3 cups dry with very low moisture content.

Rehydration Ratio — 1 lb of freeze dried okra, once rehydrated, equals approximately 11 lbs of fresh prepared okra.

Storage — Best if used within 24 months of purchase. Store tightly sealed and minimize exposure to heat and humidity.

Nutrition Facts

Serv.Size 1 oz (30g)
About 3 cups

Servings Varies

Calories 111
Fat Cal. 7

*Percent Values (DV) are based on a 2,000 Calorie diet.

Amount/Serving %DV* Amount/Serving %DV*
Total Fat 1g 1% Total Carb. 21g 7%
Sat. Fat 0g 0% Fiber 7g 26%
Trans. Fat 0g Sugars 7g
Cholest. 0mg 0% Protein 5g
Sodium 9mg 0%

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