I tried to order through your website and my credit card was declined, but I am still seeing a charge on my credit/debit card online statement. Why?

When you place an order, your card issuing bank receives an authorization request for that charge. They confirm the card number is valid and verify if there are available funds to cover the requested amount. If the funds are available, they will reserve the funds for this transaction and send this information to our payment processor. A security check then confirms the billing information on the order matches the information on file with your issuing bank. If the address, zip code, and card code do not match what is on file, the transaction will be declined. Even though the transaction has been declined, the hold on the authorized funds will remain until your card issuing bank removes the authorization. Most card issuing banks will remove authorizations within 3-7 days if they are not claimed for settlement. This can be mistaken for an actual charge, but is part of the temporary hold. A declined transaction will not complete as a charge transaction on your credit/debit card statement.

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