Product Specification
General Description: Freeze Dried Organic Sliced Strawberries Item #: FDOSB-0110
Cut: Sliced 5-7 mm Color: Pink to Red
Moisture: 5 % Maximum Packaging: Varies by customer choice
Country of Origin: USA, Argentina, Chile and Turkey  Storage/Shelf Life: Varies by packaging choice
Ingredient(s): Organic Strawberries GMO Statement: GMO Free
Certification(s): Kosher- Blue Ribbon Kosher
Organic- MCIA Certified Organic
Microbiological  Profile:
Values: Method:
Total Plate Count: 50,000 cfu/g maximum Tempo TVC (AOAC 966.23)
Yeast: 5000 cfu/g maximum Tempo Y &M (FDA-BAM 7th ED)
Mold: 5000 cfu/g maximum Tempo Y &M (FDA-BAM 7th ED)
Coliforms: 100 cfu/g maximum Tempo CC (AOAC 966.24)
Staph Coagulase < 10 cfu/g Tempo STA (AOAC 975.55)
E. Coli: < 10 cfu/g Tempo EC (AOAC 966.24)
Salmonella: Negative/ 25g Vidas SLM (AOAC 996.08)
Specification Date: 10/10/2013
Specification Reviewed by: Initials: SH Initials: LR