Nuts, Seeds, Trail Mixes

Our nuts, seeds, and trail mix selection:

We have 23 varieties of nuts, 7 varieties of seeds, and 4 trail mixes.

Brazil Nuts Broken Brazil Nuts

Starting at: $9.09

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Pine Nuts Large Pine Nuts

Starting at: $18.75

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Raw Pistachios (No Shell) Raw Pistachios

Starting at: $21.44

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Light Walnut Halves Walnut Halves

Starting at: $8.21

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Raw Macadamia Nuts Large Pieces Raw Macadamia Nuts

Starting at: $23.82

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Health Trail Mix Health Trail Mix


Starting at: $4.63

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New! Shop our huge online selection of nuts, seeds, and trail mixes!

  • Nuts and seeds are delicious and good for you.
  • Orders $99 or more include free shipping.
  • North Bay only carries high quality and fresh product.
  • Select from raw, salted, not salted, and roasted.
  • Almost all are Kosher, look for the Kosher symbol on the product detail pages.
  • Nuts contain fat, but it a healthy fat instead of a saturated fat.
  • Eat a moderate amount of nuts and less meat or dairy for a heart healthy diet.
  • Nuts are not only great for holiday gifts, but also as a year round healthy addition to your diet.
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